Tobin Arp / Sunnen Compatible Basic Seatbore System

Sunnen Compatible Counterbore System
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  • Item #: SUN Basic
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: SUN Basic
  • 9/16":
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Cactus Cutters' Basic Seatbore System

Cactus Cutters adjustable Basic Seatbore System for Tobin Arp / Sunnen Seat and Guide machines includes: four different sized cutter bodies ranging in size from 1.250" to 2.250", a 9/16" Micrometer Setting Instrument with a Sherr-Tumico Micrometer head, two carbides for each cutter body, and a System Maintenance Kit.  Additional sized cutter bodies, balldrivers, types of carbide and replacement parts are available. 


Cutter Body and Balldriver - The Most Efficient Solution

Cactus Cutters' retrofit cutter bodies for Tobin Arp / Sunnen machines come standard with a 9/16" drive bore.  Our system is fully compatible with Tobin Arp / Sunnen drive mandrels.  No additional parts or tools are necessary.  Or, replace the mandrels and use our custom designed 2-flute balldriver.  Our 2-flute balldriver eliminates the need to change-out drive mandrels.  This balldriver also eliminates the need to level individual pilots.  Cutter body and balldriver, when used together, provide you the most efficient solution to boring valve seat counterbores.


Seatbore System is a Multi-Tasker

Cactus Cutters' Seatbore System is a multi-tasking tool system that provides a superior solution to your automotive machining needs.  With one system, you can:

     1)   Bore Valve Seat Counterbores

     2)   Unshroud Combustion Chambers

     3)   Machine Spring Seat Pockets

     4)   Relieve Rocker Stud Boss

Cactus Cutters' cutter bodies have the ability to lock to the Tobin Arp / Sunnen drive mandrel, allowing you to perform an interrupted cut.  Replace our standard carbides with radius carbides and our cutter bodies become Chamber Hogs.  As our system is fully adjustable, our chamber hogs can unshroud any sized combustion chamber.  Replace carbides with spring pocket cutter blades and you can now machine valve spring pockets.  Using the 1.250" cutter body locked to your standard Tobin Arp / Sunnen drive mandrel, you can cut-down rocker stud boss to reduce the press-fit on the stud prior to stud extraction.  Flexible, compact, multi-purpose and economical - truly a superior solution to your cylinder head rebuilding needs.



Each cutter body comes equipped with two industry standard carbide inserts.  Each carbide insert has four sharpened cutting corners.  Carbides on all but the 1.250" cutter body are interchangeable giving you twenty-four cutting corners in the Basic System.  Carbides can be rotated to give you a fresh cutting corner.  Carbides are replaceable and cutter bodies used with reasonable care, should give you a lifetime of use.  Never again need to braze a cutting tool!  This increases the return on your investment substantially as compared to your fixed blade cutters.


Micrometer Setting Instrument w/ Sherr-Tumico Micrometer Head

Our purpose-built Micrometer Setting Instrument provides actual, direct-read, carbide insert adjustments.  Unlike other manufacturer's adjustable cutting systems, our micrometer spindle actually comes into contact with the carbide insert.  This eliminates the need for dial indicators and mathematical computations, reduces math errors, and increases productivity by saving time.

The Sherr-Tumico micrometer head is fitted to a heavy-duty, lifetime, micrometer stanchion.  Our micrometer carries the Sherr-Tumico micrometer guarantee.  Our Micrometer Support Kit includes a Sherr-Tumico instruction manual and a Sherr-Tumico micrometer adjustment wrench.


Additions to the Basic System

Balldrivers, additional sized cutter bodies, carbides and replacement parts are available and sold separately.